Fair dropped because of Crown – yet no waiver of broiled almonds

The crown plague has decided our lives starting from the start of the year. Eateries and shops must be placed with a facial covering and adequate distance. Fairs and different occasions must be deferred endlessly or are dropped through and through. Thus, we likewise need to manage without a significant number of the joys that we partner with each visit to the fair.

We can provide you with a smidgen of what you might have missed. Since we realize that appreciating cooked almonds and different luxuries is essential for each visit to the fair. You can purchase broiled almonds from us. We make almonds, peanuts and different delights in-house.

Newly broiled almonds from our own creation

The uplifting news: You don’t need to trust that the forthcoming fair season will smell the fragrance of new almonds in your nose. You can get your broiled almonds straightforwardly from the Fun food Manufactory in Bremerhaven. Since here in the far north there is something beyond fish on the table.

Partake in our delightful items. We produce cooked almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds in-house. We fulfill our own quality guidelines by utilizing the greatest fixings – Spanish Larguetas. We additionally love to constantly have a go at a novel, new thing. It is generally critical to us that separated from almonds and water, just a limited quantity of sugar is utilized. For the sweethearts among our clients, we add vanilla sugar, cocoa, chocolate and cinnamon to the rundown of fixings. As of now we might likewise want to bring up that our items might contain hints of nuts and peanuts

When we have every one of the fixings together, we can begin getting ready. First we put the sugar and the water in a pan. There the fixings are effortlessly blended. Before we heat the items, we add the almonds. Then, at that point, we mix the entire thing until we observe that the sugar is dry. The almonds will gradually become crunchy and after we have mixed somewhat more, the sugar will take on a fluid structure. You can quit consuming the tonsils as of now. We let them cool down for a brief time frame and afterward brighten the treat with a pleasant coating

We put all our experience into the development of the broiled almonds. That is the reason we can likewise assess the second during the terminating that the almonds need to foster their full delight. On the off chance that the time is missed, the sugar consumes excessively fast.

Appreciate newly broiled almonds

On the off chance that you purchase your newly broiled almonds from our manufactory, we need the delight to keep going as far as might be feasible. That is the reason you accept your merchandise in a reseal able newness holder. You can decide on a 115 gram pack or a 300 gram container. In the event that you believe your broiled almonds should remain new and crunchy as far as might be feasible, we suggest putting away them in a dry, cool spot.

Assuming that you might want to find different items from our manufactory, pick between our cooked peanuts, simmered sunflower seeds or our broiled pumpkin seeds. For these items, as well, we select hands down the best fixings.

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